It should come as no surprise that the first I Dream of Jeannie. Com Official Jeannie Look-a-Like would just happen to be a magician as well! Over two years ago I had the pleasure of finding a photo of Sue Anne Webster out on the internet. It wasn't just any photo though, it turned up in an image search for photos of Barbara Eden. The only thing that tipped me off that something was 'different' about the photo was I had never seen 'Jeannie' in that particular photo before.

   Immediately I began researching and found Sue Anne at and learned that not only was she a working 'Jeannie' look-a-like, she was a magician first! Becoming Jeannie must have only seemed logical to a lady who bears a striking resemblence to Barbara Eden.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Sue-Anne's interest in magic was sparked by watching 'The David Nixon Magic Show' on TV. She learned many tricks of her own and even had her own 'Tommy Talker' ventriloquist doll. Sue-Anne's interest in the performing arts lead to her work in television for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as an Assistant Director on the television program 'Beatbox', and on the set of 'Tusitala' at the French's Forest Film Studio.

Sue-Anne not only performs magic, but she travels the world lecturing and teaching other magicians as well. She even writes magic books and invents tricks which are sold to magicians internationally. She has climbed to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, eaten piranha caught fresh from the Amazon River, and travelled to the real Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

When I first spoke with Sue Anne I was more than thrilled by her warm and charming personality. Though we have never met in person she has been gracious enough to mail me VHS and DVD's of her magic act as Jeannie.

Not only can she perform magic, and capture the audience, she captures Jeannie's personality and character as well. I have no doubt in my mind that Sue Anne could very well be the next Jeannie, she's really that good. Even through simple emails it became clear, she not only looks like Jeannie, she too has a heart of gold.

Coming soon you will be able to watch Sue Anne perform magic and view even more photos of her as America's Favorite Jeannie.

Below are two still captures from Sue Anne's first DVD featuring her portrayal of Jeannie. At the time of production Sue Annes costume had yet to be remade to be identical to Barbara Eden's. The photo to the left is Sue Anne's costume now.