Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the name of Jeannie's dark haired wicked twin sister in the green/blue costume?

A: The answer is simple, her name is also Jeannie. It's all explained in episode #65 "Jeannie or the Tiger." Many times she is refered to as Jeannie II in text and scripts.

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Q: When was Jeannie born?

A: There are actually two dates, but the most well known date is April 1st 64 B.C. While in an early black and white episode she claimed to be born on July 1st 21 B.C. You wouldn't guess from her looks!

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Q: Did Jeannie and Tony ever get married?

A: Yes, and it was inevitably the reason the show was cancelled. The sexual tension was dissolved when they were married. Hence the under lying sexual tension between Jeannie and her 'master' was no longer a factor. This killed the mystery 'is she or isn't she?' Plus, they were married and no longer had to hide Jeannie from Dr. Bellows. With that tension gone the shows foundation was completely destroyed.


Q: Why was the theme song changed in the second season along with the cartoon?

A: While the first season was more of a romantic comedy the second season introduced the slapstick side of physical comedy in the series. Plus it went to color in September of 1966. Along with the theme song, the sets, costumes and even bottle were changed. The change of the music to the familiar tune we all know today signified the giddy bubbly attitude of the show. While the first season theme was more relaxed, orchestral and less rhythmatic.


Q: Did Dr. Bellows ever catch Major Nelson and Jeannie?

A: Well, yes and no. You see, in the fifth and final season Jeannie and Tony were married. Dr. Bellows knew of Jeannie and had accepted the 'weird going's on' indigenous to only Tony. In episode "Hurricane Jeannie" a last ditch attempt to bid a fond farewell to the series the writers wrote the following.

  "While marooned in Tony's house during a hurricane Dr. Bellows comes closer and closer to finally finding out what is going on with Tony. The power is out and the telephone lines are down, yet Jeannie is cooking on electric stove. Roger is pouring coffee from an electric coffee pot, and Tony is on the telephone. While the house is asleep Tony remains on the phone to talk to the astronauts during re-entry. Jeannie unknowingly blinks them down, back up and vanishes right before the wide eyes of Dr. Bellows.

   After proving to Dr. Bellows that his wife is really a genie (by commanding Jeannie into her bottle via pink smoke) and showing Dr. Bellows a look back at many weird events with Jeannie's 'Past and Future Machine.' In the process Jeannie's bottle is shattered, Tony resigns from the Space Program and he and Jeannie decide to move away."

   But the writers knew the networks well enough. Sometimes they did not air the episodes as they received them. And to prevent confusion one week seeing Tony leave NASA and the next week back at the office. The writers used the old 'dream' sequence and Tony awoke to find the bottle in it's place, Jeannie in bed and Dr. Bellows none the wiser.


Q: Why was Tony's uniform blue and Roger's green?

A: Tony was in the Air Force on detached service to NASA. Roger was in the Army Corps of Engineers on the same detachment. Air Force, blue. Army, green.


Q: What were the lyrics to "I Dream of Jeannie" were there any?

A: Yes and they can be read below and soon heard (if not already) at the  music/sounds archives.

Jeannie, fresh as a daisy.

Just love, how she obeys me.

Does things that just amaze me so.

She smiles, presto the rain goes.

She blinks, out pops a rainbow.

Cars stop, even the train goes slow.

When she goes by.

She paints sunshine on every rafter.

Sprinkles the air with laughter.

We're close as a quarter after three.

(There's no one like)

Jeannie, I'd introduce her to you.

But it's no use sir.

'Cause my, Jeannie's in love with me!

She's in love with me!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist, or even an astronaut to see why the lyrics were never used.


Q: What was the instrument used to create Jeannie's blink effect?

A: It's believed that they used a Jew's Harp. The 'boing' was then manipulated and transformed into other versions. Some cockeyed or warped horribly to signify a foul blink, or a physical ailment. The sound created by Jeannie's appearing in a cloud of smoke was the sound of a fire extinguisher through a mixture of sound filters. The high pitched chiming was a warped and accelerated chord on an electric organ.

Q: Were Barbara and Larry good friends during Jeannie and afterward?

A: While there are rumors to the contrary both Eden and Hagman claim to have been great friends. While during 'Jeannie' it's evident. But Barbara and Larry's home lives varied greatly in the 1960's. While Larry was the son of Marry Martin and in the Hollywood crowd, Barbara was busy with her new born son Michael Matthew. Barbara and her then husband Michael Ansara of 'Broken Arrow' fame were busy with their son and home life. I'm quite positive that outside 'Jeannie' Eden and Hagman's' paths did not cross much until Eden became a regular on Dallas. After that I'm almost positive they saw each other very rarely.


Q: Is there a way to contact them online?

A: You can contact Larry Hagman directly through his Official Website at While Barbara's Official fan club is on the internet there is no direct email for her. (This 'official' site for Barbara is no more than on photo and the mailing address for a fan club you can subscribe to.


Q: Does the remaining cast keep in touch with one another?

A: Barbara and Larry both claim to keep in touch often.  They both, with Bill Daily appeared on the Donny & Marie Show in Nov. 1999. They also all three appeared together at the Chiller Autograph Convention in New Jersey in 2006. Barbara has also toured with Larry in the live stage production of 'Love Letters.


Q: Why were the Generals changed during I Dream of Jeannie? What happened to Barton Maclane (Gen. Peterson) and Vinton Hayworth (Gen. Schaefer)?

A: Sadly Gen. Peterson was replaced by Gen. Schaefer in the third season of I Dream of Jeannie because Barton Maclane suffered a heart attack and passed away. You'll notice for a while there was a vague General that was in only a few episodes before General Schaefer appeared. Vinton Hayworth died in 1971, reason for death is not know to me at this time.


Q: Whatever happened to our favorite psychologist and his nosey wife?

A: Dr. & Amanda Bellows. Sadly Emmaline Henry (Mrs. Bellows) passed away in 1979 due to complications from brain cancer. Her last television appearance was on an episode of "Three's Company." Hayden Rorke (Dr. Bellows) passed away from stomach cancer in 1988, just three years after appearing in 1985's "I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later" Reunion film with Barbara Eden and Bill Daily. Since then they have both been greatly missed.


Q: In part two of "The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday" Tony gives Jeannie a pendant during her 'pre-birthday' party. What was is?

A: The pendant was a sterling silver bottle shaped pendant with a layer of purple tinting. It was produced by Sidney Sheldon. During the shows run he was always having odds and ends created to give to the cast members. I believe only one bottle pendant was created and is in the possession of Sidney Sheldon's estate.


Q: While watching I Dream of Jeannie I noticed Barbara wore a two carat diamond solitaire necklace. At first I thought it was a gift from a Jeannie cast member, or perhaps Sheldon. But seeing her in a photo taken before Jeannie I see it again, where did she get this?

A: Michael Ansara (her husband at the time) gave Barbara a diamond solitaire to commemorate the birth of their son Matthew. Barbara filmed much of the first season before she gave birth. The necklace was given to her afterward and that's why it appears suddenly during the end of the first season. The photo you saw with her wearing the necklace was taken during the run of Jeannie.


Q: I've never seen a photo taken of Jeannie inside her bottle, are there any?

A: Yes, you can see some now in the Photo Archives, in the Media section.


Q: What was Major Nelson's home address and can I still visit the house today?

A: There were a few different addresses over the series run Maj. Nelson's address has been said to be 1020 Palm Drive, 1020 Palm, 820 Palm and 811 Pine I believe. The most popular address, which has been adopted by the fans as his official address is Major Anthony Nelson 1020 Palm Drive Cocoa Beach Florida. As for your second question no. You cannot visit Major Nelson's home. It is on the Warner Bros. Studio Ranch which is closed to the public. All though you can view photos I took of the house in 2007. It currently is the office for Ranch Operations.


Q: Where is the cast and crew now?


Barbara Eden (Jeannie) makes many appearances on behalf of more than a few charities and foundations. Barbara tours on occasion appearing "Love Letters" and before that "The Odd Couple: Female Version." Barbara lives in high up Beverly Hills with her husband Jon and their labra-doodle Djinn-Djinn (named after Jeannie's magical dog).

Larry Hagman (Major Nelson) makes appearances on behalf of his charities. He has appeared along side Eden in "Love Letters" as well as with Eden and Daily at various celebrity autograph shows.  He currently resides at his home north of Malibu California with his wife Maj of fifty years.

Hayden Rorke (Dr. Bellows) passed away from stomach cancer in 1988, just three years after appearing in 1985's "I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later" Reunion film with Barbara Eden and Bill Daily.

Bill Daily (Major Healey) lives in Albuquerque New Mexico with his wife Becky. He occasionally directs a play or two at the local theater, has a morning talk radio show and makes some appearances with Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman at 'Jeannie' related events.

Emmaline Henry (Amanda Bellows) Sadly Emmaline Henry  passed away in 1979 due to complications from brain cancer. Her last television appearance was on an episode of "Three's Company."

Dick Albain (Special effects) Dick Albain who created the pink smoke we all know well, including the interior of Jeannie's bottle as well as all of the oversized props died within the past ten years. His cause of death is currently unknown.

Dick Albain Jr. (Special effects) The son of Dick Albain who went on to take over for his father on I Dream of Jeannie is most well known for his work on "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." He resides off the coast of Southern California.

James Henerson (writer) Most well known for creating Jeannie's wicked twin sister Jeannie II. James is well and lives in North Hollywood California.

Claudio Guzman (director) Claudio continued to direct television sitcoms into the mid 1980's including "Harper Valley PTA" starring Barbara Eden. He passed away in 2008 of pneumonia.

Hal Cooper (director) Well known to 'Jeannie' fans as the sidekick for Milton Berle in "The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World." Hal went on to direct numerous television sitcoms well into the 90's. He is alive and well, living in Southern California.

Hugo Montenegro (theme song) While Hugo's career spanned over a decade of music he is most well known in television for his original creation "Jeannie." The theme song everyone knows and loves was created by Hugo with lyrics by Buddy Kaye. Hugo began suffering from severe emphysema in the 1970's and passed away in 1981.


Q: What ever became of Djinn-Djinn?

A: There is little to no information about the small dog which played Jeannie's Magical Dog Djinn-Djinn during the series. I am currently researching that information. One thing is sadly a fact, the little dog is no longer alive... unless he was real magic!


Q: Was the house on I Dream of Jeannie a fully rebuilt house on a soundstage? Like you sometimes see in documentaries and behind the scenes on DVD's? Or was it a row of separate rooms that shared connecting doors?

A: The set used on I Dream of Jeannie was built similar to the kinds used in films. Only they built and placed the 'upstairs study' next to the living room. The front entry, bed room, living room, dinning room, kitchen and patio were all built like a real home, excluding the ceiling and working plumbing. The patio set was accessible from the dining room as seen on television, as well as being accessible from the back kitchen door. The back wall of the living room which was composed of the fire place and book shelves was a removable wall. It could be rolled away when a wide shot of the living room was needed. It could then be rolled back and bolted to the set again for another angle. This was used in many of the rooms seen on the show.